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Two-axis CNC Knurling Machine

Products Information

Applications:  This machine is only for knurling. This CNC Profile Knurling machine is used to increase the binding force of aluminum profile and barrier in grooves where the thermal barrier strip goes through. The knurled grooves increase the friction force between thermal barrier strip and aluminum profiles, so that the bridge-cut-off profile could present a great performance in heat insulation, water-proof effect, etc.KCJ-CNC Two-axis CNC Knurling Machine



1, Advanced two-axis CNC control system is adopted. High precision ball screws, Taiwan HIWIN linear rails, Schneider electrical appliance, and ABB inverter are used.
2, Two knurling wheels are CNC-controlled for vertical movement. Handwheels are installed for manual adjustment of vertical position.
3, Equipped with HMI LCD touching display screen.The software developed by ourselves makes it possible for various aluminum profile data to be stored and recalled at any time, so that it is convenient to process different types of profiles.


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