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Thermal Break Assembly For Aluminium Profiles

Thermal Break Assembly for aluminium profiles

Products Information

         CNC production line of thermal break aluminum profile

THE CNC Automatic Production Line Includes TWO CNC Knurling Machines, ONE CNC profile Rolling Assemble Machine and three sets of Conveyor System. The modular conveyor system permits a standard production, Can realize the Automatic Feed, Automatic Conveyor, Automatic Unloading. High processing efficiency and Less labor.

1. CNC series of thermal break machine are equipped with human-computer interface with LED touching display screen.

2. The software developed by ourselves makes it possible to store data of all types of aluminum profiles for future use. 

3. Adjust speed fast, Change of different aluminum profile more quickly

  4. The conveyer systems are primarily required for uninterrupted flow of material from one operation to the other. The conveyer systems are customized and determined based upon the needs and requirements of each plant layout

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