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Wide application of electrostatic powder coating line
Wide application of electrostatic spraying equipment:
There are many applications of electrostatic spraying equipment. It is to spray the surface of the product to protect the product. Spraying is not a simple process. It's a very complicated process to do a strict treatment on the mechanical surface.
Electrostatic spraying equipment is widely used in home appliance spraying, steel furniture spraying, automobile spraying and many other fields in China. With the continuous progress of science and technology, the level of electrostatic spraying technology in our country has been greatly improved. The technology and equipment that were imported before are now fully mastered by ourselves, and they are still constantly innovating and developing.
With the emergence of new materials, new processes and new equipment. In the spraying process, electronic technology spraying, numerical control technology spraying, laser spraying and other scientific and technological means have been fully used. All kinds of electrostatic spraying equipment also tend to be integrated and intelligent.
The above introduction is the wide application of electrostatic spraying equipment, I hope you have some understanding.
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