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Spray gun operation mode
Spray gun operation mode
The operation state of the spray gun includes the angle between the spray gun and the surface to be coated and the operation speed of the spray gun. Keep the spray gun running in a right angle and parallel to the surface of the coated object. The movement speed of the spray gun is generally adjusted within the range of 30-60cm / s, and it is required to be constant. If the spray gun is tilted and runs in the arc track or the running speed is variable, the coating with uniform thickness will not be obtained, which will easily lead to the defects such as blooming, orange peel and sagging of the coating.
 Thermal break assembly machine
   Thermal break assembly for aluminum profiles
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   Thermal break machinery
   Thermal break assembly line
   Thermal break profile assembling
   Thermal break profile assembly equipment
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   Thermal break assembly for aluninum profiles 
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   Thermal break machine
   Manufacturing of machines for thermal break profiles assembling
   Strip Feeding Machine for Thermal Barrier Aluminum Profile
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