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Operation method of spray gun

The distance between the nozzle outlet and the coated object is called gun distance. The smaller the gun distance is, the greater the spraying pressure is, and the greater the impact of air pressure on the product, the uneven situation of the coating will occur, resulting in the problem of too thick coating. The larger the gun distance is, the smaller the spraying pressure is, and the coating is easy to lose, so that the part of the coating is sprayed too little, and the coating cannot reach the specified thickness. The spray fan is vertical to the coated surface. When operating the spray gun by hand, the spraying width shall not be too large, otherwise, the average coating will occur. The purpose of spray gun operation shall always be parallel to the surface to be coated, vertical to the spray fan, with unstable operation speed, uneven coating thickness, too fast operation speed, too thin coating, too slow operation speed, too thick coating. In a word, when using the spraying equipment, we should make sure that the strength is moderate and the distance is appropriate, so that we can get the desired coating effect. After the construction, some unfinished things also need to be improved, such as the cleaning of the coating and the help appliances, and the remaining coating materials after use should be blocked and retained.




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