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Advantages of electrostatic powder coating line
Electrostatic spraying equipment can also be referred to as powder spraying. Spraying has unique advantages. High voltage electrostatic field is used to conduct directional movement of negatively charged coating particles in the opposite direction of the electric field, and then is adsorbed on the surface of the new spray coating workpiece. The electrostatic spraying equipment is mainly spray gun and spray cup to spray high voltage power supply.
As a new spraying method, compared with the traditional electrostatic spraying method, it has a strong competitiveness. Firstly, it is a powder with uniform powder, and a simple discoloration and other unique advantages. Secondly, with the development of the industrial economy, spraying and spraying products with high quality and spray quality have become an irresistible trend of development.
With the development of science and technology, electrostatic spraying equipment and technology are becoming more and more mature, which can be applied to more and deeper knowledge in the future. Such equipment users must be aware of the use, so as to better use the equipment. In the use of the jet machine, its current is stable and the spraying effect is good. Electrostatic spraying is more widely used, so in this period of time, users must be very clear about the use of these equipment, spraying in the fierce market competition environment, the relevant knowledge of this product, we must understand that electrostatic spraying equipment has its own unique advantages, so in the use process, as long as the operation is proper, we can achieve the expected results.
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