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Spray gun maintenance Powder coating line
Spray gun maintenance
After working every day, lubricate the spray gun and parts lubricated by light machine. Due to normal wear and aging, seal rings, springs, needle valves and nozzles must be replaced regularly. The replacement shall be carried out according to the manufacturer's instructions. Because too much oil will flow into the paint and oil passage, resulting in spraying defects, therefore, great care must be taken when lubricating, and the spraying quality will be reduced when the oil and paint are mixed.
Do not soak the whole spray gun in the cleaning fluid for a long time, which will harden the sealing ring and damage the lubrication effect.
In order to obtain better repair effect, different spray guns should be used under different coating and conditions. It is suggested that each person should be equipped with four spray guns, one for primer and medium coat spraying, one for top coat and varnish coating spraying, one for silver paint spraying, and one for spot repair. If these guns keep good cleaning and working order, it will save a lot of adjustment and cleaning time when changing guns.
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