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Powder coating process flow
(1) surface pretreatment mainly includes degreasing and derusting.
(2) puttying: apply conductive puttying according to the defect degree of the workpiece. After drying, use sandpaper to smooth, and then the next process can be carried out.
(3) protection (also known as covering). If some parts of the workpiece do not require coating, protective glue can be used to cover up before preheating to avoid coating.
(4) preheating is generally unnecessary. If a thick coating is required, the workpiece can be preheated to 180-20 ℃, which can increase the coating thickness. (5) spraying: in the high-voltage electrostatic field, connect the powder gun to the negative pole, and the workpiece is grounded (positive pole) to form a circuit. The powder is sprayed from the spray gun with negative charge by means of compressed air, and is sprayed on the workpiece according to the principle of opposite phase absorption.
(6) solidify. After spraying, the workpiece is sent to the drying room at 180-200 ℃ for heating to solidify the powder.
(7) after cleaning and coating curing, remove the protection and smooth the burr.
(8) inspect and check the coating of workpiece. If there are defects such as missed spraying, bumping, needle bubble, etc., rework and re spray.
(9) defect treatment: repair or re spray the detected workpieces with defects such as missing spray, pinhole, bruise, bubble, etc.
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