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How to choose a spray gun
After understanding several common misunderstandings, let's talk about what kind of spray gun is easy to use:
1. The powder output is smooth, the powder atomization is uniform, and the powder output is continuously adjustable. The powder spray should be a beautiful mushroom shaped translucent shape because of the fine atomized particles.
2. The charging effect of the powder is excellent, and it has a very obvious electrostatic adsorption capacity. The powder sprayed on the workpiece is absorbed by the electrostatic adsorption force, rather than piled up. The powder sprayed on the workpiece will not fall off in large amount due to a certain limit of vibration or breeze blowing.
3. The dead angle position of the workpiece should show excellent powder loading performance, which is also one of the important performance of the electrostatic spray molding machine, because even the seemingly simple workpiece is likely to have several hard to spray dead angle positions.
4. High powder loading rate, high powder loading rate is equivalent to high powder utilization rate, thus reducing the cost of production materials, accumulating over time, which is of great significance to the users of electrostatic spray molding machine.
5. Good spraying ability of metal powder; because there have been various kinds of fine arts powder in the market in recent years, many of them are mixed with metal powder, which is called metal powder. Now we choose electrostatic spray molding machine, which should be able to adapt to the spraying of metal powder (many electrostatic spray molding machines are not ideal when spraying metal powder or the spray gun is seriously heated, which is easy to burn the gun).
6. Good secondary spraying ability. For workpieces that have been sprayed once, if they are reworked accidentally or need to spray on the surface of the original coating (cured) for another time or even twice or three times for other reasons, the spray gun shall still be able to powder evenly.
7. Long time continuous working ability: there are many electrostatic spraying machines that can't work continuously for a long time (more than 8 hours), because the spray gun has serious heat, but in fact, we often need long time continuous spraying to catch up with the construction period.
8. The high-voltage static electricity is properly controlled, which is not easy to ignite, which will cause the breakdown point of the surface coating of the workpiece, resulting in pinholes on the surface of the finished workpiece; in addition, the static electricity will be short circuited by the arc at the moment of strong ignition, and the powder will not be added; in addition, frequent ignition is easy to cause a lack of safety, which will affect the normal spraying operation of the sprayer.
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