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Miisunderstanding of electrostatic powder coating line 3
Mistake 3: the larger the powder output of the spray gun, the higher the powder loading rate and the faster the work.
Problem analysis:
1. In the long-term work process, we met many users who proposed that the larger the spray gun, the better the powder. In fact, the powder loading rate of the spray gun is determined by the electrostatic performance and the powder discharging state. Only when the electric field intensity and the powder output reach the matching point can the better powder loading rate be achieved.
2. Too much powder out of the spray gun will inevitably affect the uniformity of the powder out state, which is the root cause of the uneven powder out state of many large powder amount spray guns. However, the poor powder state may cause the problem of uneven coating thickness.
3. Based on a large number of foreign experimental data and practical work experience, we can conclude that the powder output of the spray gun is sufficient for the work demand at 450 g / min, and a larger powder output will only lead to a part of the powder that cannot be charged at all, has no adhesion, and directly falls into the recovery system, causing serious waste.
4. The spray gun with excellent performance is developed according to the ratio of electric field strength and powder output, which not only eliminates unnecessary waste, but also makes the powder output state uniform and perfect, and improves the powder loading rate.
Therefore, the larger the powder output, the better, but also not the smaller the better. In a word, what is right is valuable.
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