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Misunderstanding of electrostatic powder coating line 2
Mistake 2: the simple shape of the workpiece can use the gun with poor performance.
Problem analysis:
1. Some users think that the shape of the workpiece is simple, so they do not need a spray gun with good performance. In fact, the spray gun with good performance is not only good at shape customer service, but also more importantly, the uniformity of powder discharge state will achieve better apparent coating and powder loading rate. And the high powder loading rate will certainly save the powder and greatly reduce the production cost.
2. Good electrostatic performance will also speed up production and improve work efficiency.
3. Even powder loading will also improve the yield, reduce the scrap rate, and make the production management easier.
4. Due to the poor performance of the components and parts used in the spray gun with poor performance, although the cost is slightly lower, the failure rate will be much higher, even if the manufacturer repairs in time, it will inevitably delay the production.
Therefore, the shape of the workpiece is absolutely not the reason to choose the spray gun with poor performance. Moreover, under the excellent cost control system of Haoxin, AK series spray guns have realized the cost performance improvement of medium and high-grade products - low-grade prices. We believe that we can meet the requirements of users, friends, production and cost.
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