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Misunderstanding of electrostatic powder coating line 1
Myth 1: the higher the spray gun voltage, the faster the powder.
Problem analysis:
1. According to the basic physical principle of electrostatic spraying, we can know that when the charging voltage exceeds a certain value, it will intensify the occurrence of "Faraday effect" and "anti ionization effect", which will further affect the powder loading rate.
2. Too high electrostatic voltage is easy to cause the phenomenon of gun tip sparking, and it is easy to leave pinholes on the workpiece surface, resulting in poor apparent quality.
3. The phenomenon of high pressure ignition will also increase the phenomenon of dust combustion in the powder spraying room.
Therefore, in the actual use process, the voltage should be adjusted to the appropriate stage according to the characteristics of the powder and the workpiece to obtain a better spraying effect.
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